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What is this asset?

This asset is my RPG Starter Kit for GameMaker Studio 2, downloadable (by key) and is also a reward for Sorcerer Patreons and above. The YouTube series has finished but I will be making updates to the files for bug fixing and/or improving features.


  • Basic Tilesets included
  • Movement, Camera, Collision, Moving from Room to Room + Vehicles
  • Inventory, Player Menu, 
  • Cast spells from inside / outside of battle. Heal / Hurt / Exit / Return
  • Use Items inside / outside of battle (use herbs to heal, magic wands to cast fireballs). Give each type of item finite charges or have them be infinite
  • Day/Night Shader - add as many parts of the day as you like and make the time between cycles as long or as short as you like
  • Name Creator
  • NPC's - Talking, Movement, Repeatable Quests, Story Quests, NPC "Bosses" that start fights, Shopkeepers + Innkeepers
  • NPC's can be setup to only show at certain times of the day and have different locations too. NPC's can be recruited into the party (and their name chosen)
  • Heroes gain different spells at different levels depending on how you set them up
  • Furniture can be searched (and stays searched) and they can be assigned as doors to lock certain areas at certain times of the day
  • Multiple Heroes / Monsters in turn-based battle - use magic, inventory or basic attacks
  • Monsters can now be assigned a battle type. This will dictate what they try to do in battles, from casting spells to just normal attacks.
  • Target multiple monsters/heroes at once with spells.
  • Music and sound manager
  • Text system with modifiable talking speeds, choose to display text boxes at the top or bottom for different parts of your game, and turn the talking sounds off or on via a script.


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $25 USD. You will get access to the following files:

TUT_RPG_Starter_Kit_episode_20.yyz 10 MB
TUT_RPG_Starter_Kit_episode_21.yyz 10 MB
TUT_RPG_Starter_Kit_Sept_24_2019.yyz 10 MB
TUT_RPG_Starter_Kit_Dec_19_2019.yyz 10 MB

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How do you make your own rooms with your own graphics?

Check out this play list - the second one deals with making rooms I think?

Awesome thanks for the help.

I can't wait to really use this!

Let me know how it goes ;)